Over 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google each day, and people are spending more of their time online than ever before.

Are you wondering how to generate leads for your construction company online? Continue reading to learn five ways your construction business can use the Internet to attract new customers in today’s connected world.

5 Lead Generation Tactics for Construction Companies

Start with these five tactics to attract potential customers to your construction company.

1.     Establish credibility with your content marketing.

It’s a known fact in the marketing world that customers want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. A great way to build your company’s KLT factor is by sharing engaging, helpful content on your website. A few examples of what you could share include:

·      Photographs – Share before and after photos of your work.

·      Blogs – Consistently publish blogs that answer questions or help your target customers.

·      Videos – Create videos that show viewers how to do something, answer FAQ’s, or introduce members of your team.

·      Case Studies – Show people how you are solving a current or past client’s problem(s).

·      Guides – Offer guides that help with making decisions related to construction. Consider offering them as a download in exchange for email addresses to grow your email list.

·      Emails – Send out a newsletter sharing your photographs, blogs, videos, case studies, etc. You can also include other articles or videos that your audience would find helpful or interesting. 

Expert tip: Don’t forget about voice search. Proximity and online reviews are used to rank the results a smart speaker shares with a user. Keep tabs on your reviews, ask your customers for them, and remedy any bad ones as soon as possible.

2.     Advertise online.

Advertising on Google and social media is a great way to get your brand in front of more people. With the right imagery and copy, you can quickly start bringing in leads.

Facebook and Google ads can be shown to those who have never heard of your business, previous customers, and/or those you’ve communicated with before. How the ad is set up determines who will see your ads. On Facebook, for example, you can target audiences based on their interests, location, age, connection to your Facebook Page, and many other details. You don’t a huge budget to advertise online either.

3.     Maintain regular contact with referral sources.

Stay in contact with other companies who have sent you referrals in the past. You or your team can do this by sending an email, interacting with their social media posts, or even sharing their company’s relevant content on social media – if it would help your audience too.

4.     Keep your lines of communication open.

Ensure that your team is available to answer questions from potential customers efficiently. Most businesses today have many communication options where people can reach them, i.e., telephone, email, or social media.

It’s critical to stay up to date on any messages that your construction company receives. Aim for inbox zero in your email account and try to respond to social media requests within an hour. If that’s not possible, reply within a day.

5.     Ask for reviews on Google and Facebook.

People love to share when they find something or someone good, but they may need a little bit of encouragement. Ask your happy customers to leave you reviews on Google and Facebook. Though there are other review sites out there, these are the most important in terms of online search rankings.

Don’t give up when asking customers for reviews. They may need a little nudge. Make the request more than once, and consider sharing a list of points that they can incorporate.

As you receive reviews, be sure to respond and quickly address any complaints. Amplify your positive reviews around the web by sharing them in places like your website and social media.

While there are many lead generation sites out there, like Houzz or Home Advisor, use caution and do your research. It may seem like the easy way to capture leads online for your construction company, but many of these sites send the same leads to many subscribers of their lead services. And as you know, only one company is going to get the project.

If you need help bringing in new leads for your business, contact Savvy Outsourcing – the authority in lead generation for construction companies.