Working with multi-locations for marketing allows us an inside look into operations from many different industries. For your educational benefit, we compiled a list of all the challenges we have seen when starting a marketing partnership with a franchise.

  1. Not having a uniformed brand, complete with guidelines –
    At a high-level, franchisees are paying for brand power. You can only keep brand power growing, by making sure 1 location isn’t ruining the brand for all.
  2. Not having all your search listings set up for each location –
    There are over 150 search listings. Being at the right time and the right place is half the battle in marketing.
  3. Misaligned sales and marketing team –
    We are huge fans of “smarketing.” It’s extremely important to have an aligned strategy between sales and marketing.
  4. No local SEO strategy –
    Going after national keywords can be the death of any company. Local traffic is what matters in franchising.
  5. Allowing non-uniformed email addresses & phone systems –
    A professional image should be a requirement when it comes to how you present the business by email or phone. This has the added bonus of working of being able to track and report conversions. A good business owner knows their percentage closed.
  6. Over investing in consultants and not enough in media buying –
    Franchises are considered wealthy businesses. This is sometimes a misnomer. Many fall prey to consultants who burn the marketing budget and provide no tangible services.
  7. No marketing and technology guide for the local offices –
    Take the guesswork out of how to gain traction in the local market. Give locations the fundamentals of marketing and how to be successful.
  8. Allowing unqualified team members to lead marketing –
    This is probably the biggest issue we see. They are using their administrative assistant for marketing. Not only is this a waste of money it hurts the brand power.
  9. Not having a disaster PR plan –
    When you decide to become popular, someone will always try to come for your crown. This is when a consultant will come in handy to build a disaster PR plan. What to do when you make the news for negative PR? How do you handle negative reviews? How to recover from a disaster?
  10. Not copyrighting the logo –
    Before you begin licensing your business, protect your band by copywriting your logo, key messaging, website, and design style. Don’t make it easy for a licensee for you to leave and keep your business concept.
  11. Not using people and stories in their messaging –
    This causes the brand to become cold and bland. The bigger the company, the colder a brand becomes. Don’t become invisible and lose relationships in franchising.
  12. No consistent marketing strategy or plan to obtain goals –
    Most franchises have a very small marketing department. Make sure you invest in a plan and KPIs for your marketing. Otherwise, you will lose sight from the day to day requests of licensees and move marketing at a snails pace.

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