We see a lot of mistakes from businesses trying to do marketing themselves, without the decades of experience needed to design strategy and execution. These are among the top mistakes we see…

1) Lack of strategy and targeting 

– this causes a huge waste of budget and low conversion rate when you advertise without understanding your audience and platform targeting.

2) Improper setup

– this is generally in the form of missing the pieces of setup required to show the algorithm you know what you are doing. This includes: conversion tracking, pixel tracking, integration with analytics and listings. You will see this across social media and search engines.

3) No proofing

– whether for social media or your production piece…Get it proofed! Nothing is worse than spending money and having people laugh or leaving a bad impression.

4) Setting a budget without market average research

– No joke! You are wasting money if you overbid or underbid on your marketing.

5) Setting it up and leaving it

– This is the most common because as a business owner or agency you have a lack of time and understanding for optimizations required by platforms to gain top rankings.

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