Construction companies run on leads, whether from referrals or other sources. Without successful lead generation, your company may not be on target for the year.

We discussed the need to incorporate online tactics into your lead generation strategy in this blog post Top Methods for Online Lead Generation for Construction Companies. Here we will be digging a bit deeper and looking at offline lead sources and a few more ideas to drumming up new business online.

Let’s dive in and explore ways you can generate traffic and grow your business!

How to Generate Leads for Your Construction Agency

Leads are people who are interested in the services or products your company offers. Businesses generate leads by attracting people and getting them interested in becoming a customer.

Let’s explore 15 methods your construction company can use to generate leads within your target audience.

  1. Referral Partners & Sources – Use an add-on business model to secure more business from your customers. How can you help them with their next project? Also, network with other companies in your industry who are not direct competitors and set up a plan to refer business to one another. You could even offer a kickback to the source if the person purchases from you to encourage future referrals.
  2. Employee Incentive Program – Your employees can be a great source of leads. Incentivize them to bring leads to your sales pipeline with a bonus program.
  3. Estimators – Hiring and training a qualified sales agent for your team is a great way to get more business while keeping your attention focused on other responsibilities.
  4. Bidding Websites – Sites like BidClerk, Dodge Reports, and CNC Reports sell construction leads for many different types of projects.
  5. Municipal Agreements – Take a chance and attempt to secure contracts with cities that name your company as a service provider. Be aware, even with the lowest bid, you still may not secure the contract.
  6. Storm Chasers – Follow storm chasers online to identify areas where your services may be needed.
  7. Google Ads – Advertise on Google to capture the attention of people who are searching for your services.
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Publish industry-related content on your website to get more traffic and let search engines get a better understanding of what your business does. An SEO expert can optimize your website by embedding keywords throughout and following other best practices to help your local search rankings.
  9. Virtual Sales Team – A virtual sales team can help you build your business pipeline with quality leads. They make initial contact, set appointments, and more, doing the preliminary research, so you don’t have to.
  10. Direct Mail – Create a direct mail campaign to build brand awareness with your target audience.
  11. Email Marketing – Once you have a lead, a lead nurturing campaign sent to your target audience can help to transform them into customers. Send content that will help build their know, like, and trust in your organization.
  12. Local Citations – Setup and optimize citations for the names of jobs your company offers. Local citations are online mentions of the name, address, and phone number for a business that are located anywhere on the web. They help people to find your business and improve local search engine rankings too.
  13. Associations – Join associations such as local builders’ associations, manufacturing associations, your local Chamber of Commerce, or BNI group.
  14. Networking – Attend local networking events and city meetings to meet and network with the local elite.
  15. Signage – Get permission from customers and place printed roadside signs or small plaques with your company information at project sites.

Grow Your Construction Company with Lead Generation Services from Savvy Marketing Partner

Acquiring customers is critical to your business’ livelihood. Use the tips above to start attracting new customers and grow your company.

At Savvy Partner, we are experts in digital marketing and lead generation for construction agencies. Contact us today to discover how we can help you!