How To Increase Facebook Engagement

It’s important to note that there’s no such thing as free advertising on social media. You have to pay to play.

Recently, we were asked to review one of our client’s Facebook Pages for helpful tips to increase reach. So I thought that this would be a great opportunity to share some helpful information. With all the new changes forcing businesses to pay up for engagement, there is little wiggle room for free advertising anymore.

With that said, here are a few tips to increase your organic (non-paid) reach with posts.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Write quality content, more engaging posts that make people want to read more.

Plan out your posts, even if that means posting 2-3 times a week. We used to suggest posting 5-7 times a week, but now it won’t even get seen.

Look into the Explore option. Facebook uses Explore to feed quality organic content. You won’t see any ads. However, you’ll notice a lot of video which amps up an organic post.

2. Use Events and Group Function

The Events function on pages is a sure way to automatically notify followers. Use it for for your events, and link and those events to your page. You can even post updates about those events after, which will also increase your engagement. You can share the event from page to page. So ask some of your peers to share your event.

Group Functions. Adding a Group to your page allows you to automatically notify your audience of posts, all while tying it back to your page. Be sure to engage and stay active. Be fun and helpful and be yourself

3. Tag, Tag, Tag

Tag top influencers (i.e., page you follow and offer quality content) in your field and share their content. Tag any pictures with your followers in them. Tag posts or events that are about your attendees.

Little tip: you may have better luck with tagging from your personal profile. There are limitations of tagging from the Facebook Page. For instance, you cannot tag a personal page, only Public pages.

4. Use the right hashtags

Facebook has an excellent search feature and doesn’t give much attention to hashtags.You should use keywords (i.e., #blackfriday #juniorleague) instead.

5. Like and Share

Once you post to your page, circle back and like and share that post from your personal profile.

6. Call To Action (CTA)

Never forget your CTA in a post. If you want people to like, share, or visit your website, just ask for it!

7. Use Videos and Go Live

Facebook will allow organic reach when using Go Live or video. Promote your events, go behind the scenes, or share a positive message.

8. Have Fun and Get Personal!

One of the hardest things to overcome with social media is putting yourself out there. Try not to feel intimidated by what people will think of your posts. Trust me, everyone feels the same way. Get over your fears and get behind the camera.

9. Use Facebook Ads

If you truly want to see engagement for your business, you will need to kick up your game and begin using Facebook Ads. This is the best way to target your audience and stop wasting boost dollars on non-target audiences.

We have fantastic freelance social media managers if you need help with this. Get a free estimate on your social media ads.

The best advice we can give on social media is to keep trying. Track your progress on what is working and keep engaging with your followers. Facebook may have made it harder to reach them, but your influence is still noted online.

Erin Gordon | Co-Founder of Savvy Outsourcing | Digital Marketing Expert