It’s no longer an option to have an online presence half-heartedly; every business needs a digital imprint. [bctt tweet=”You need to own a platform to tell the world who you are! #digitalmarketing” username=”savvyOS”]

You need to own a platform to tell the world who you are, what you do and what your story is all about.

The digital era is here and is never going away.

You can no longer ignore your digital place amongst your competition.

If you don’t have a presence; business may go to your competition.

Your digital platform should include:


  • This is the foundation of your business presence which should contain: who, what, why, when, where and how of your business. It must be responsive, which means that the screen will adjust to various mobile devices and computers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • Known as the practice of increasing awareness of a website so that it functions well in organic (non-paid) search. You can appear higher in the web search if you are using quality search terms, known as keywords, that can increase in traffic and quality visitors to the website.

Social Media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.):

  • Social media promotes engagement and feedback. You receive valuable information from your audience through posting and commenting. It helps keep your skills and your business sharp. The number and type of channels depend on the kind of business that you have. Never use social channels in place of your website. You should always have your foundational information on your website and share on your social channels. You’re ‘renting’ space when using a social platform. Your page can be taken down at any time without warning.

Digital Advertising:

Email Marketing:

  • This offers more one-to-one engagement, which is more personal. The content and frequency depends on the kind of business that you have and frankly, how much time you have to invest. Be sure to have an email opt-in on your website so you can collect email addresses from your web traffic. Never steal email addresses from a website or group email and place them into your email list. You need to get permission from each person that you add to your list.
  • Check out MailChimp for email marketing. It’s perfect if you’re just starting out.

Reputation Management:

  • You should ask for a recommendation from each and every client. Don’t forget to respond in a timely fashion. People shop-around by looking at your reviews. You can automate the process by using reputation management software.
  • Try Acquirly by 33 Mile Radius.
  • Learn about the “Why” of reputation management in a future blog post, Reputation Management Done Right.

All these pieces work together as to grow your business. Think of it as connecting the dots If you miss a dot there’s a line-break, your picture isn’t complete. 

Try not to get frustrated with all the juggling in the digital marketing industry. That’s why there are professionals trained to help you and take care of your digital marketing needs.

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Marcia King | Co-Founder of Savvy Outsourcing | Social Media Expert