How It Works

Flexible employment that works for both parties

Savvy Outsourcing is an “Un” Agency.  We are a community of freelancers working towards a common goal. We pair businesses with expert, qualified and reliable freelancers.

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever for Americans to work remotely–and it’s cost effective for companies.

Hiring freelancers is a win, win! Business leaders are always looking for ways to attract and retain these rising professionals.

On-demand jobs are appealing because they offer flexibility and the ability to set their own hours, seamless technology to find and complete work, and the capacity to take on work that appeal to them most.

Flexibility is a key factor for people who choose to freelance. With advances in technology, it can’t be easier to work remotely. That coupled with family obligations, freelancing seems like a glorious opportunity to allow workers the flexibility needed for today’s life and family.


  • Freelance management services
  • Project management/Third party liaison
  • Opportunity matching and collaboration
  • Simple and secure billing
  • Networking
  • Opportunities to connect with freelance professionals

Savvy Outsourcing is a meant to be your go-to for all of your outsourcing needs. Our unique processes provide freelancers the support and opportunity necessary to focus on their expertise while providing opportunity pairing with local businesses.

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How It Works

We have 2 flexible methods for you to get a project completed. Savvy is designed to meet your needs as you need them. Freelancers are used to conforming to your style of business.

Self-Managed Plan

Your initial meeting is with Savvy Project Managers. We vet the project and pair you with the right freelancers. You work directly with the chosen freelancer on an agreed price. Savvy charges a nominal placement fee and your project is on it’s way to success! Get started now!

Managed Plan

Savvy Project Managers will stay involved with your project. We setup regular strategy meetings, submit the proposals for work, streamline the plan and manage the right freelancers for your project. We can offer lower prices, because we don’t have the overhead that a regular agency has. Get started now!



Why Hire Savvy

Nearly one in three working Americans is an independent worker. That’s almost 54 million people – and growing. At Savvy Outsourcing, we strive to make outsourcing options better. There is a fundamental shift in the workforce coming, and you can be on the benefitting end. Hire a flexible employee that brings expertise to you without having to provide benefits and payroll taxes. The best part is that freelancers bring a wide range of experience that a full-time employee would not generally have the opportunity to partake in.

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