The Confessions of a Work At Home Mom

Sometimes being a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) can be downright brutal.

Most weeks, I start off on Monday feeling like a super mom! I can do anything I put my mind to, right?

By Thursday reality sets in, yet again. I’m exhausted and emotionally challenged. It doesn’t help that I’m currently onboarding a booming business. I’m working till almost midnight most nights, which is not normal.

A little backstory for you…

Five years ago I started freelancing. I’m a freelance developer and digital marketing expert. This year, Marcia King, my business partner, and I started an outsourcing company which allowed us to bring together a group of expert freelancers.


We are currently hiring!

Our goal for the business is to teach others how to work from home.

Because there’s nothing better than being able go on field trips and play in the sun.

That is why we become moms, right?… to spend time with our kids.

It’s been a challenging year because I have so much work right now, but there is nothing better than being able to stop working and help my sick kid, without feeling guilty.

You can have that too!

Back to WAHM life…

I will say that it starts with being able to function on little sleep. I accepted that along with my first child. I swear she hated sleep.

The second key to working at home is to have a good support system.

I’m blessed with good family, husband, and child care. I currently use Kids Park in Jacksonville for when I need to run to meetings. Flexible child-care is the best!

I admit that I’m that I’m not going to receive a best mom award. My kids probably watch way too much TV.  

I received a lot of advice about working from home, and the best advice is to keep them busy. We have all sorts of art projects, Legos, building projects, whatever will like to keep them busy and insight creativity.

The third key to working from home is to find a good routine. It’s been challenging since my kids started school this past year. I feel like going to the school is a revolving door. But as I get into a routine it makes it much easier. Even my kids know the routine.

The fourth key to working from home is learning to give up trying to do it all. It’s all about priorities and balance. My house is not immaculate. I accept help from anyone that will offer. And I let things go such as, I don’t do dishes every single day.

This is the life I choose, it has challenges, but the rewards are great!

My final thought for today is to remember how important networking is as a WAHM….whether it’s playdates, going to the park, or forcing yourself to go to business networking events. Your products and services need to get out there to get noticed.

Stay strong WAHMs. Tomorrow is another day. Have a great week.