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About Savvy

Savvy Partner is a full-stack marketing firm, providing creative services in Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Development, Graphic Design, and Hosting, to overloaded businesses and franchises.  

Owned and Operated by Erin Gordon since 2016. In 2020, Savvy Partner joined forced with CEO Mary Fisher of Fisher Design & Advertising to become one of the largest advertising firms in the region.

“With the world becoming networked, organizations of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the globe. Startups can put a cap on crucial overheads with the help of independent specialists, while there is a growing need for large companies to adopt flexibility/flexible engagement models as a core strategy to retain high-performing talent.”

Flexing IT



Erin Gordon | Founder

With over 12 years of experience, Erin Gordon owns a marketing & tech outsource company, since 2012. She started her career as a web developer, which later blended into advanced techniques in digital marketing for agencies and franchises. Erin is passionate about cutting-edge solutions for clients and has a deep-rooted wanderlust for outdoor adventures. Learn more about Erin

Lisa Driscoll | East Coast Operations Manager

Lisa Driscoll oversees projects, reporting and invoicing. Her focus is to ensure that things don’t fall through the cracks and clients are given the communication needed by the teams. Learn more about Lisa

Brandi Kowalski | West Coast Operations Director

Brandi Kawalski oversees our west coast clients and operations. Her role is designed to assist clients in developing their business through marketing. Learn more about Brandi

Landon Calabello

Landon Calabello

Marketing Strategist

Landon is one of our digital marketing strategist. @landoncalabello has extensive experience in digital marketing management, helping bridge the gap between our quiver of contractors. He specializes in marketing automation through @convo365 and is a licensed provider for @heydrift

Lindsey Tague

Lindsey Tague

Social Media Strategist

Lindsey Tague is a freelance social media strategist, focused on helping grow client’s online presence through social engagement. She specializes in lifestyle and hospitality brands management and strategy.

Meaghan Alvarado

Meaghan Alvarado

Content Strategist

Meaghan Alvarado is a professional writer with experience writing copy for small businesses and solopreneurs, ghostwriting for executives of software and marketing companies, and writing show notes for podcasts and videos. She’s a certified Expert SEO Content Writer, and her areas of expertise include content creation, content strategy, email marketing, social media marketing, and web copy.