Erin Gordon

Founder in Jacksonville, FL

Erin Gordon’s Story

Founder of Savvy Outsourcing (Digital Marketing Outsource Partner for Agencies and Franchises) Jacksonville, Florida

Erin Gordon has over 13 years of Web Design & Development experience, and 10+ years of Internet Marketing experience. She is a natural “techy” with expertise in all digital marketing avenues including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Management Systems, Inbound Marketing and more.

Erin holds an Associates in Computer Science, Bachelors in Advertising, and Certification in Inbound Marketing and Google Adwords. During her career, Erin has created more than 500 websites and managed hundreds of other marketing initiatives.

Erin graduated from the University of North Florida (2007) and Florida State Community College (2005). Erin is considered an online marketing expert, specializing in website development. She has spent many years working for marketing agencies and utilizes her extensive knowledge and skills to help companies market their business.

“In 2013, a year after I started freelancing, the concept hit me… freelancing is the future of the American workforce! Freelancers are experts in their field that truly just want flexibility and freedom to have a happy home and work balance. I want to help other freelancers have that!” –Erin Gordon


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