Jay started off with, “Go see The Greatest Showman. It shows that marketing doesn’t really change. He created a community through engagement with media.”
He went on with some great tips on standing out from the competition.
Get Attention!
Something is always happening now. It’s harder to captivate attention.
Who’s here?
I am focused on the entrepreneur world. I started my first business as a kid selling concession food. I started design extensions at 17! We are now 20 years old.
Know…how to stand out and maintain attention.
1) Know your strengths
“I am decent at a jack of all trades but I’m exceptional at building businesses, said Jay.”
Personality –  I use disc personality from Dave Ramsey.
Passion – if you hate Monday, do something else. Move your people where they are passionate about what they do.
Ability – you can improve your ability. This is within your control.
2) Know where your people are
Facebook has 2billion users. YouTube 1.5B. Chat is a rising engagement location.
YouTube will sore in 2018.
Don’t become totally reliant on one platform.
LinkedIn will become a rising star in 2018.
Search vs. Social
Google knows what people are looking for.
Facebook knows who people are.
3) Know what content works
Push into video – keep it amateur and fun. Everything doesn’t have to have an ROI.
The website is dead…without some help. Websites are the sales team.
Audio – People can leverage missing time until we all have self-driving cars.
Here are some other tips from Jay…
Check out my podcast, “Building a business that lasts.”
Use Buzzsprout for podcasts
Read these books:
Go after: recurring value based business.
You don’t have to niche. Diversify allows for more stability.