Shaun Ayala – Snapchat Storyteller and Influencer | Follow: @ShaunAyala

Marketing Director at Best Buy. Award winning Snapchat interactive storyteller

“The content you create is not about you! It’s not about the 1st person perspective. It’s about the audience that will encourage you. Allow them to participate and be a part of your story. Build your community!”

Overcome Storytelling Limitation and obstacles:

  • 10 seconds stories
  • Viewer attention spans
  • Viewer tapping through stories
  • User action required
  • You are as good as your last snap today.


Try these Wow story content categories:

  1. Fun
  2. creative
  3. educational
  4. inspirational
  5. entertaining
  6. interactive

Tips for increasing interaction:

  • Give your audience something to experience.
  • Be concise and consistent
  • Add art to your #socialmedia posts (enhance your storytelling creatively with emojis sticker, doodles. People will stop and look.
  • Storyboard your ideas to develop the structure and place your ideas on paper.
  • Call To Actions – every story you make must have a CTA
  • Contribute to the end user. Thank users for sharing or contributing. Ask them for feedback. Feature your audience. Use your audience to build your account.
  • Have royalty free music read to use for social media posts. Use background music to get around royalty music.


How to gain traction by working with influencers:

Influencers are the most educated content creators and storytellers on the platform today. Use influencers to help:

  • Influence
  • Content creation
  • Consultant
  • Study their storytelling

Here is that secret tool Shaun uses to pre-create all his Snapchat stories. Shaubelievesve that in order to create great stories (depending on the type of storyteller you are), you need to pre-plan them by writing down your ideas. Download the Snapchat storyboard template and start planning your next Snapchat story now. –