Freelancers unite to bring resources and flexibility to the workforce.

Jacksonville, Florida: Marcia L. King and Erin Gordon launched Savvy Outsourcing, a hub for freelance support, mentoring, coaching, training and opportunity pairing!

“Freelance tools and support are an immediate need. When I first started my freelance business, I spent countless hours and money looking for tools, resources, work and support to help me grow my business. Savvy Outsourcing is a one-stop shop for freelancers.” ~Marcia L. King

“After I started freelancing, the concept hit me… freelancing is the future of the American workforce! Freelancers are experts in their field that want flexibility and freedom to have a happy home and work/life balance. I want to help other freelancers have that!” ~Erin Gordon

Here’s how Savvy Outsourcing can help the freelancer navigate through the clutter in starting or streamlining their freelance business.

  • Support
    • Monthly roundtable meetups: Share and understand challenges and issues
    • Conference room rental for client meetings
    • Business address and phone
    • Co-working space
    • Conflict resolution
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Training
    • Webinars, blogs, individual and group
  • Networking
    • Opportunities to connect with other freelance professionals and client opportunities
  • Coaching
    • Individual and group

About Our Savvy Outsourcing: Marcia and Erin, with their combined freelancing experience, developed a unique process to provide freelancers the support needed to focus on their expertise while providing opportunity pairing to local businesses. Their focus is to grow a network of expert freelancers and bring a level of flexibility and freedom to the workforce.

Marcia L. King | Savvy Outsourcing | 904-372-8891 | [email protected]

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