Have you ever wondered what our logo represents? We get a lot of compliments on how beautiful our brand is, but it has a deeper meaning.

Marcia King and Erin Gordon chose the name “Savvy Outsourcing” as a brand to represent a better way to find temporary local experts.

Many people think of “outsourcing” as overseas employment, but we reinvented the term outsourcing to bring American freelancers to American businesses.

We believe that the best freelance relationships happen when the client and freelancer are local and can meet regularly in-person.

The water icon represents the freelancer’s ability to mold to their surroundings. Water is soluble and can fill any shape where it’s placed.

Many companies need temporary experts to address the gaps in their workforce. Freelancers have a unique ability to work alongside your team.

The colors of the logo are a blend of blue and purple. The blue represents Savvy’s services to businesses, while the purple represents the support to freelancers.

Freelance Graphic Designer, Taryn Hannah in Gainsville, FL was contracted for the logo. She exceeded our expectations!

Contact us to find a better way to freelance or find a locally trusted freelancer.