Mark Kaye

40-year-old Radio Host in Jacksonville and #snapchatstar

Snapchat stars are making $100k a year on social media!

“Don’t change yourself because of an app. Change the app to suit YOUR needs.”

How to use snapchat for business:

  1. Stop drawing on your snaps.
  2. Don’t change yourself because an app tells you to. Use it the way you are comfortable with.
  3. Keep your snaps under 90 seconds


7 Secrets of Snapchat Super Stars

  1. Collaboration
    • Collaborate your social media with superstars.
  2. Consistency
    • pick a schedule & let your audience know when to expect you.
  3. Creativity
    • use photos, tools, videos, text, paint, and filters to be creative.
  4. Conversation
    • chat with your followers. Interact with them as much as you can. Find out what they want or hate. Don’t just be a caster. Check out @popmom his wife.
  5. Cross-Promotion
    • Cross promote between channels
  6. Capture
    • Capture anything you are proud of.
  7. Creep
    • Not “steel” but borrow from friends. Haha!

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