When it comes to marketing automation you are looking at 4-figure software subscriptions. While the majority of marketing automation software’s are priced for medium to large businesses, small businesses need automation more than larger businesses. Small businesses run on skeleton crews to stay profitable, and generally can only afford around $500 per month in advertising, period! That doesn’t leave much room for 4-figure marketing software, never mind set up costs.

Savvy Outsourcing was designed with small businesses in mind. We offer competitive rates through expert marketing freelancers. We offer marketing packages specifically for small businesses looking for cheap marketing automation packages.

Using a unique solution, we integration your website and CRM with marketing automation. The total setup cost is  $625 total! We write and set up 10 sales emails to automatically go out to your prospects. The only on-going fee is the price of Mailchimp at $30 per month. You won’t find a better deal than this.

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